Headquartered in Esereso- Divine Junction, Kumasi – Offlake  road Bosomtwe.Seven Zillions has 125+ employees across 18 City. We advise companies on how to provide excellent HR/people management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, learning and development, and we bring these practices to our own staff. We strive to help businesses create workplaces where employees can thrive, and we are committed to providing the highest level of people-related services for the clients we support.


With the support of Seven Zillions , you’ll have the help you need to build a well-rounded recruiting strategy. Our services can help you demonstrate the impact of external support by providing tangible ROI for career service work. Ultimately, you’ll benefit from having an expert partner who’s well versed in modern recruiting techniques, platforms, software, and solutions. You’ll be able to place top talent in new career paths quickly, allowing you to speed up the time to hire and fill job openings with qualified candidates who match your company culture.

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