At Seven Zillions , we are committed to serving as your full-service outsourced recruiting department or to collaborating with your existing team to expand your reach. We emphasize the importance of a well-rounded recruiting strategy, and we focus on doing what it takes to find and hire top talent quickly and efficiently while managing costs.


We can source experienced candidates who are ready to fill job openings at all levels, from entry-level roles ideally suited for individuals leaving their first internship to C-suite executives looking for a new challenge. Our experts help you expedite the time to hire by providing leading applicants with career service support and guidance so they can explore your offerings.


Our team of talent experts has filled thousands of positions across all industries, from entry-level job openings to careers in senior leadership. Along the way, they’ve helped clients source top candidates while providing a valuable career service to in-demand job seekers. We are prepared to help businesses of all kinds hire the talent they need.


Our experts are ready to relieve your team from extra work without requiring burdensome supervision. We get up to speed quickly. With deep experience across a wide variety of industries and business environments, we swiftly learn the style and needs of your hiring managers. We can create job descriptions and posts, oversee career fairs, promote open positions across job boards and social media, analyse resumes for hard and soft skills, examine cultural fit, handle candidate tracking and reporting, schedule and coordinate interviews, conduct testing or background checks, and provide guidance as needed during the process of final candidate selection. This comprehensive process is carefully designed and maintained to ensure we only present you with job seekers who have the skills, career backgrounds, and qualities of character most ideal for your organization.


We understand that every company’s hiring needs and goals are unique. Because of our extensive experience in a wide variety of industries and areas, we can help fill whatever gaps your recruiting process may have. For example, as a software company, your internal recruiting team may hire 50 developers a year but a position in the legal department only once every five years. Our experts have the experience across disciplines necessary to support you from end to end, ensuring you find the right niche candidates when opportunities arise.


We work with every kind of company, from rapid-growth start-ups to small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and non-profits. We are well versed in recruiting needs and career development pathways across a wide variety of organizations.


Our flexible model also allows us to scale with ease, meaning we can grow with your company or adjust our support to meet temporary or seasonal needs as necessary. You only pay for what you need, whether it’s an a la carte service .

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