Private Security / CCTV Camera Installation

Seven Zillions  provides on demand security guard services, for all times of events, focusing on giving its customers the ease of mind knowing that all their security needs are being met.. We look forward to helping you with all your needs so give us a call, we will be happy to discuss and questions or concerns you may have.

*Home & Company CCTV Camera Installation
*Bodyguards for hire
*Customized security guard services
*Armed security guards
*Unarmed security guards
*24 hour security service


Private Security Jobs.
Private security jobs usually revolve around property observation and protection. This means that those interested in protecting public and private property should pursue a career in private security.


Security Guard Training.
Security guard training is a rigorous physical and mental training program. For the uninitiated, it might seem like a futile exercise. But if you really want to attain peak physical strength with advanced combat abilities and quick thinking, then this training course is definitely recommended for you.


Security Guard Companies.
When it comes to your business, home or any major event, you simply cannot leave anything up to chance. Your business premises and belongings at home are precious you don’t want to lose them. Similarly, your events are important and you do not want any gate crashers and miscreants ruining them!


Security Guard Jobs.
As the economy recovers and new businesses are being set up, the demand for commercial, private and event security guards is on the rise. A lucrative profession with decent pay, health insurance and other benefits security guard jobs are ideally suited for you. If you are attentive to detail, enjoy some action and do not want a 9-5 desk job!