Seven Zillions provides scalable, reliable people strategy, is prepared to help you find professional workers and top talent across industries and locations. Recruiting Services from Seven Zillions include: Recruitment process management, candidate recruitment, and new hiring on boarding for specific roles, both graduates students or illiterate for specific roles, proactive Industrial maintenance and production system process . No matter what resources you need, we are always sure to prioritize finding and keeping the best, most qualified candidates., Installation of CCTV, Private Security ,Real Estate Freelancer Service ,Import & Export of Toiletries ,Industrial Machinery’s. While there are many providers who offer platforms. Our business is our people. Our consultants will work as or alongside your team to meet the unique needs of your business. We’ve seen a lot, and we pride ourselves on providing nuanced, customized advice and solutions steeped in best practices. And because we’re technology agnostic and independent, our only goal is to find you the tech , rightful employee and tools that will best serve you. We serve as an extension of your team, offering professional guidance, professional workers , Security or taking on entire functions and designing tailored, effective solutions for non-profits and companies of all sizes, at every stage of growth.


We’re diversified Security company , long range exclusively distributor of food stuffs ,manufacture and Supplier as well as construction company, made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All working to build and maintain projects all over Ghana. We set your Business, Company and design build from coast to coast , from Warehouse, hospitals and factories to distribution centres, schools and everything in between-we’ve designed .supplied professional workers to companies and built it all and install you well Educated workers for your company.


We put our specialized knowledge to work and deliver our services at a price well below the cost per hire you’d typically expect from recruitment agencies or head-hunters. Compared to the average recruitment agency, clients can save up to 75% when they partner with Seven Zillions , through our zero-commission hourly model.